Organization Services

The Good Friend Organization is pride in self-generated funds. Awareness / motivation CAMPS, Young Children whose disability has not come in the way of their talent. Blind children has till date performed or conduct Awareness’ programs at more venues all around the State of Andhra Pradesh, for government functions, corporate events, charity shows, school/ college annual days etc.,The GOOD FRIEND children has also been approached to participate in fund raising events.

The Institute doesn’t put a value to the performance of its talented children. It is the appreciation and genuine response from the audience that has encouraged to upgrade their skills every so often, and boosted the frequency of their camps.

The patronage of art, will go a long way in aiding the cause of rehabilitating these deserving, special children. And what better than to encourage their conviction in their abilities and their determined, confident step towards self-reliance!

Our Projects

  • Blinds, orphans and old age people Rehabilitation
  • How to control Global warming (Spl.Project 2015-2017 )
  • Blindness Prevention Awareness Programs.
  • Land and school/Rehabilitation Building.
  • Special team for Emergency Helping.
  • Disables care and AIDS counseling.
  • Awareness camps about water uses and Resource development.
  • Rainy seasons Distributing plans in various places For poor farmars.
  • AIDS Awareness Programs.
  • Computer Center for Disabled.
  • Audio and Braille Library.
  • Adult Education.